Established North Wales Hearing clinic expands through lockdown

The past 12 months has been something of an eye opener for many of us, but for one North Wales hearing clinic, it’s listening to client demand and opening up new local clinics that’s proved the best way forward during the pandemic.

Qualified Audiologist, Adrian Dowling, explains:

“Colwyn Bay Hearing Practice was established by my Father Michael Dowling in 1961 and I joined the practice in 1991, so we are well known through the North Wales region.

“Many of our clients are elderly and reliant on public transport, so we offer regional clinics to negate for them to need to travel long distances. In recent years we’ve expanded to provide regular clinics in Rhyl and Mold.  We opened a clinic in Anglesey last year which is thriving.”

The clinic has continued to work with patients throughout the pandemic, offering both a telephone triage service and face to face treatments like ear wax removal where necessary – and while the clinic in Rhyl is temporarily closed due to COVID restrictions, this has not stopped the company from operating at other branches.

Adrian explains:

“We obviously follow the strict protocols on PPE to keep clients safe, and wear masks throughout.

“The pandemic has truly highlighted the value of hearing -there’s so much less personal communication and more telephone and video contact – the downside of this for someone with hearing loss is that they can feel very isolated.”

Adrian’s overwhelming advice is that while Welsh residents may have struggled with physical isolation under lockdown, social isolation due to hearing loss is not inevitable.

“There can be multiple reasons why a person’s hearing deteriorates, for example a build-up of ear wax, a medical condition or age-related hearing loss to name a few, but all have the same impact on a patient’s life.  However, an audiologist can almost always offer techniques  like ear wax removal or hearing aid technology to improve a person’s ability to hear.

“For the patient, this is life changing.  Our hope is that we can help change more lives as we continue to expand our local clinics.”

To learn more about Colwyn Bay Hearing, visit the company website here: