To celebrate Volunteers Week, Denbighshire County Council is thanking residents who help others.

Volunteers’ Week takes place between June 1 and 7 and is a chance to thank the contribution millions of people make across the UK through volunteering.

The Council recently created a new virtual online one stop shop to improve support for volunteering opportunities in the county.

Cllr Richard Mainon, the Council’s Lead Member for Corporate Services and Strategic Direction, said: “Volunteers play a vital role in our communities and that has been especially evident during the coronavirus pandemic. Our volunteers have provided a wide range of support such as befriending those most isolated and providing a friendly voice to chat with.

“I would like to thank all those who have taken the time to support and help other people, you have made a huge contribution to people’s lives.”

The Council’s online portal helps promote volunteering opportunities for residents within the Council, and offers clear guidance on how to manage, recruit and support volunteers.

Over the past year volunteers recruited through the council have helped in a wide variety of situations including, helping a resident practice speech and language sessions online, helping a citizen to unpack and settle into their new home and clearing the garden of a resident with health issues so they could enjoy watching their young children play safely.

Other support has included helping someone write a poem for their son’s wedding when they were unable to attend due to covid-19 restrictions and confidence building ahead of a first hairdressing appointment after a year.

Cllr Mainon added: “We want everyone in our communities to be able to volunteer if they wish to. We want to make this as easy as possible for everyone.

“Volunteering can bring a sense of purpose, achievement and motivation. It can help someone to develop skills and knowledge, and can give someone the opportunity to meet new people and have a fulfilling social life. It is such an important part in many people’s lives, and we want to support that and provide these opportunities.”

The Council’s volunteering opportunities are now advertised online to provide a central point for interested parties and promotion of these opportunities will also be carried out through social media and external organisations including the DVSC.

To access the new volunteer one stop shop visit