Denbighshire County Council will reopen a service in Denbigh for people with disabilities.

The Council’s Cabinet has agreed to reopen Meifod as a Council service, with additional investment based on feedback from those using the service, officers and a Task and Finish Group made up of elected members.

Plans for the re-opening include:

  • The Improvement of learning and skills across a wider range of activities, including timber work, through new ways of working
  • The improvement of long-term sustainability at Meifod through alternative service delivery.
  • The establishment of a stake-holder group including representative family members and individuals who attend Meifod or their advocates to ensure they are fully engaged in the re-opening of the service along with developing any future options for its operation.

Meifod, which produces garden furniture and provides in-house daytime activity services for adults with complex disabilities, is currently closed following the Covid-19 pandemic.
Individuals normally supported at Meifod are currently being supported in different ways wherever possible, this includes with community outings and outdoor activities.

Cllr Bobby Feeley, the Council’s Lead Member for Well-being and Independence, said: “We are really pleased to be able to confirm the reopening of Meifod as soon as essential maintenance work is completed as we know how much this important service is highly valued by the community.

“We are very optimistic for the future of Meifod and will be working closely with those who work in the service to deliver a sustainable economic enterprise for the community.

It is our intention that all interested parties will be kept informed about plans for re-opening Meifod and also be kept informed about any future plans, including of course to liaise with the families of present and future users.”

The service is expected to re-open by February 2022 following the completion of essential maintenance.