July 13, 2024

Animal behaviour specialist and leading pet retailer join forces for UK-first dog play expo

PETPLACE joined forces with a leading animal play company to host a UK-first event for dogs and their owners.

The North Wales retailer’s revamped 25,000 sq ft Llangefni store held exercise and games sessions in partnership with Kong Company Ltd.

Kong ambassador and esteemed dog behaviour specialist Diane Kasperowicz shared an insight into how dogs play, with a focus on health and wellbeing and the best ways to enhance recall, improve nose work, and sharpen cognitive abilities.

Paul Ratcliffe from Kong thanked PetPlace for showcasing the “power of play” and added: “We chose to partner with them because their enthusiasm and attitude towards the welfare of dogs matches our own.

“This was the first event of its type ever held in the UK, so for it to take place over two days at PetPlace’s Llangefni store and dog park was fantastic.

“We rely on the knowledge of educated retail staff to ensure Kong products meet the needs of dogs, and after all, dogs need to play, so it’s an important connection.

“We often come across owners who show little or no interest in play, or don’t know how best to form a bond with their pet, so these sessions gave them lots of tips and advice they can take away for the future.”

Diane met with owners without their dogs, then held activities and exercises with them and their pets to see what toys their canine companions preferred, encouraging interaction to ensure more fun when out on walks or in the home.

PetPlace’s Business Development Manager Matt Davies thanked everyone who came along to the sessions.

“We have had a long and successful relationship with Kong, but this is the first time we’ve ever done anything like this,” he said.

“The feedback from our members was really positive so it’s something we will definitely look to do again in the future.”

Matt added: “PetPlace and Kong are known nationwide for pushing the envelope and being at the forefront of advances in the industry, and this was another example of that.”

For more information on PetPlace, including the PetPlace Plus+ loyalty app, follow @petplaceUK on Facebook and Instagram or email [email protected]. The app is available on platforms including Google Play and The App Store. 

If you were unable to attend the event, and for more information, visit the ‘Classroom’ page on the Kong website: www.kongcompany.com.