June 15, 2024

Flintshire Healthcare Worker wins Occupational Therapist of the year award at Cygnet Occupational Therapy conference

An occupational therapist at Cygnet Delfryn House has won the Occupational Therapist of the Year award at a virtual conference held by the Occupational Therapy department at Cygnet Healthcare. Rebecca Boothby has received the award in recognition of her work at the care service in Flintshire, Wales.

The Occupational Therapy conference was set up by Cygnet Health Care to celebrate and recognise the hard work of staff across Cygnet sites. Winners are nominated by service users and other members of staff.

Emma Crowcroft, Regional Director of Occupational Therapy said “At Cygnet, we’ve always created opportunities to share the good work that staff do, but this was often on a smaller scale. However, this virtual conference gave us the opportunity to not only celebrate Occupational Therapy as a profession but also to extend our reach. OT staff have been working so hard, particularly through the pandemic so it was a nice opportunity to give them real recognition and acknowledge the difference that they are making in the lives of our service users.”

Rebecca Boothby from c is the recipient of the Occupational Therapist of the Year award. This award celebrates those who have gone above and beyond the remit of their role to provide an outstanding service.

Rebecca has done significant work for Cygnet externally, such as being involved in “The OT life” podcast, and has given speeches to over 200 schools in the UK about Cygnet and the role of Occupational Therapy. She also attends careers fairs to further promote Occupational Therapy within Cygnet and has also been nominated by her regional directors to develop Assistant Psychology training.

Shani Tanti, Operations Director said, “This OT goes above and beyond, not only putting 100% into all patients on the unit but takes time to check in on staff too. She provides a safe space for staff to take time out when times get challenging and provides them with support, creating an environment that focuses on staff wellbeing. Staff and patients are very lucky to have such a caring, compassionate and bubbly occupational therapist on the unit”

Cygnet Delfryn House is a care service specialising in high dependency inpatient rehabilitation for women who have severe and enduring mental illness. Their state-of-the-art service provides a safe and comfortable environment that promotes efficient rehabilitation and recovery.

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Image credit: https://www.cygnethealth.co.uk/locations/cygnet-delfryn-house/