June 22, 2024

Rossett clinic hosts safety event to help clean up the skincare sector

A RESPECTED clinician is hosting a free support and advice event on safety in the cosmetic industry.

Sara Cheeney, director of Pure Perfection Clinic in Rossett, Wrexham, is leading a campaign to rid the aesthetics sector of “unscrupulous practitioners” while raising standards in education and training.

Sara, from Llangollen, is one of the most respected names in the industry, with more than a decade of experience and a partnership with global range Zo Skin Health, who invited her to be a national trainer of other medical professionals, as well as speaking as a brand ambassador at conferences in Manchester and London.

Her dedication to the profession led to a nomination in the Nurse of the Year category at the prestigious Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards, to be held in London this summer.

She plans to share her vast knowledge of skincare at a free event this Thursday, which will be held at the Chester Road clinic and include talks, demonstrations and a Q&A with customers and the public.

“We will also be promoting the use of dermal fillers, botox and safe injectable alternatives, as we are seeing an alarming rise in the number of botch treatments and people coming to us asking if these procedures can be reversed,” said Sara.

“This is the big problem with our industry, the number of under-qualified and even non-qualified people opening beauty salons rather than accredited and certified medical clinics where you can be safe in the knowledge that won’t happen.

“We will be telling patients what to look for when searching for a treatment or clinic, and what can go wrong if you don’t; plus we will be launching some brand-new dermal fillers and revolutionary technology at the forefront of advances in the sector.”

She added: “The UK is the only country that is unregulated and allows all sorts of non-medical unscrupulous practitioners to inject and do treatments, therefore I wanted everything to be of the highest standards possible at Pure Perfection, and to shine a light on this issue so it stops people falling foul of their malpractice.”

Sara has built the business up to become one of the most respected skincare centres in North Wales and the North West and has plans to open more sites and a training academy in the future.

The 37 year-old is committed to supporting people of all ages who are struggling with their physical appearance, and tries to make a difference in their lives.

“Having bad skin can have a negative impact, especially when you’re self-conscious and people make fun of you, or come out with nasty comments,” said the mum-of-two, married to Chris.

“There is a lot we can do to help, and it can be done safely, which is the message we want to promote to men and women of all ages through the #safetyinbeauty campaign.”

She added: “Our facilities and services match those of any big city aesthetics business, and they are right here in North Wales.

“We will talk more about that on the night and answer questions and demonstrate to people that while it’s important to look after your skin and it makes you feel better, doing so safely is paramount.

“We always look at the science and clinical trials behind a product or treatment to ensure that they give proven results. We’re a medical clinic with the patient’s health and wellbeing at the forefront of everything we do.”

For more information, visit www.pureperfectionclinic.com and follow them on Twitter and Facebook at @purepclinic and Instagram @pureperfectionrossett.

The free clinic event runs from 4pm until 8pm on Thursday at Pure Perfection Clinic. Use the hashtag #safetyinbeauty to support their campaign or follow @safetyinbeauty and @safetyinbeautyawards on Twitter.