June 21, 2024

An addition to a new woodland site is providing a nocturnal education theme.

Work Has been carried out at an old primary school field on Llanrhydd Street, Ruthin to establish a new woodland.

Denbighshire’s Woodland Creation Project has seen 800 trees planted at the site already this year as part of a continuing effort to reduce carbon emissions and improve biodiversity.

This is part of 5,000 trees planted this year to also create new woodlands at Maes Gwilym, Cae Ddol and at Maes Esgob.

These new trees are in addition to the planting of over 18,000 across the county as part of the Council’s Corporate Plan 2017-22 focus on the preservation of the natural environment and also the maintaining and enhancing biodiversity within the county.

A number of school children were able to help plant the trees on their old school field in Ruthin.

And now an outdoor classroom area has been crafted on the site not only to help the children learn about biodiversity but also give a helping hand to local nocturnal residents.

The classroom has been constructed of wood by local craftsperson Huw Noble who has incorporated a unique feature.

The structure contains a ‘Bat Roof’ which has been specially designed to provide the features bats need to roost during the day. Over time, as the habitats on site develop, it is hoped that this structure will support local populations of these rare creatures

Emlyn Jones, Denbighshire County Council’s Head of Planning, Public Protection and Countryside Services, said: “We are grateful to all the volunteers, school pupils and local members who have worked not just on the Llanrhydd site, but all the sites to help continue to reduce carbon emissions and improve biodiversity across Denbighshire.

“We are working hard to put biodiversity into the heart of our plans at the outset and this has allowed the design to be tweaked to benefit people as well as wildlife.

“This great addition to the Llanrhydd site will really help children get closer to understanding the biodiversity of their local community and what they can continue to do to help the environment.

“We are also really grateful to the joiner for installing this incredible Bat Roof which we hope will really benefit the local population and make the class room a unique place to champion biodiversity for local youngsters.”