May 21, 2024

5 key actions for a successful move to a new city

Planning to relocate to a different destination? Between choosing where to live and finding new friendships and routines, the process can be long and complicated and feel completely overwhelming. However, the benefits are usually well worth it, and following these five key actions means you can be sure of a successful move – wherever you’re headed!

  1. Research the destination

Before you commit to a new city, thoroughly research your chosen destination. Explore the pros and cons of each neighbourhood to find the perfect place to live, taking into account where you’ll be working and transport options.

Browse local jobs if you’ve not already got an offer to get ahead of the game with finding a great position.

  1. Organise your finances

Once you’ve picked your city, you need to organise your finances to make sure you can afford your intended lifestyle.

Create a budget which offsets your earnings against your essential outgoings including accommodation, utility bills and groceries. You should also take steps to build up your credit score to get the best rates on mortgages and home-related financial schemes like buying big-ticket items on monthly payment plans.

  1. Build a support system

When you’ve settled into your new home, focus on building a support system. It can be lonely moving to a new city, especially if you’re far from friends and family, and having a network of people to see outside of work will make it much more enjoyable.

Picking up your passions at local clubs is a great way to meet like-minded people, whether you want to practice painting, act on stage or do long-distance running. You can also use friendship apps that connect you with others seeking friends.

  1. Explore your surroundings

Get the lay of the land by exploring your surroundings, on foot if you can. This will give you an insight into the character of your city and help you find new favourite hang-out spots.

Take yourself on a solo tour using your phone or a map from the Tourist Office to navigate. Identify the cultural highlights, outdoor spots for summer relaxation and quickest and safest ways to get around. Look up the best cafés and restaurants too and treat yourself to a leisurely lunch!

  1. Embrace new experiences

Whether it’s love at first sight or a slow burner, feeling at home in your city is grounded in your willingness to embrace new experiences. Change can be daunting but by acknowledging and actively shifting your mindset you will see the positives and feel less stressed by unfamiliar situations.

Try to accept all invitations from new friends, even if the activity isn’t strictly your thing. You might surprise yourself with what you enjoy, and either way, it’s a great way to nurture your burgeoning relationships.