July 25, 2024

Anglesey nursing home celebrates 30th anniversary with £500,000 expansion

Care Forum Wales ;Quality Care - Glan Rhos nursing home, Brynsiencyn. Pictured are Helen and Kim Ombler with (centre) Resident Annie Loomes,98. Picture Mandy Jones

An Anglesey care home celebrating its 30th anniversary has unveiled plans for a £500,000 expansion.

The Glan Rhos Nursing Home at Brynsiencyn, Anglesey, will be submitting a planning application to build four self-contained assisted living apartments.

The 52-bed home, which currently employs 75 people, is run by sisters Kim and Helen Ombler who say the development will create several new jobs

It was opened by their mother, Eirlys Ombler, who was working as a director of nursing at the time and came up with the idea of converting their family home for the purpose.

Kim, who is a director and the home’s registered manager, said: “The planned new four assisted living flats would be a major investment.

“They would be used for people who just need that little bit of help so they can retain their independence but have help on hand if and when they need it.

“The drawings are done, and we are intending to submit a planning application and discussing our plans with Anglesey Council and Social Services.

“If approved, the hope is the new flats will be built and have residents occupying them within 18 months from now.”

Kim, who sits on the board of Care Forum Wales, added: “We know there is a need for this type of accommodation here on Anglesey and my mum would be so proud to see her dream celebrating its 30th birthday and growing.

“We are dual registered as both a nursing and residential care home.

Sister Helen, who is a director and the home’s responsible individual, said: “Glan Rhos is built on the land of the farm belonging to our grandparents, Richard and Catherine Evans.

“Our grandfather passed away in 1976 and the market garden ceased to operate in 1975.

“Mum had a dream of running a nursing home. She was a director of nursing. She came home one day and suggested the idea to our dad, Don, who was a builder. The next day he had architects drawing up plans.

“Initially, we had 23 beds, then 37 and after a further extension we now have 52. Our brother David Ombler is also a director but doesn’t work on site.”

Helen added: “Mum believed there were no nursing homes in the south of Anglesey and there was a need for one. We have some residents who have lived in this area all their lives and would have had to move elsewhere had we not been here.”

Mario Kreft MBE, the chair of Care Forum Wales which represents more than 400 independent social care providers, said: “I would like to congratulate the Ombler family on reaching this momentous milestone.

“As well as celebrating what they have achieved, they are also looking forward with plans for the new assisted care apartments which will represent a major investment on their behalf.

“Kim is a greatly valued member of the Care Forum Wales council and she and Helen, along with the rest of their team, are setting an excellent example of how to provide high quality care.

“Homes like Glan Rhos are hugely important socially, culturally and economically.

“They enable people to stay in their own communities and provide employment for local people.”

Among those who enjoyed the 30th anniversary celebrations was Annie Looms, 98, who has lived in Brynsiencyn all her life and is thrilled to now be living at the nursing home.

She said: “I’ve known Kim and Helen since they were little girls. I was born in the village. My Taid, Henry Thomas ran the farm where I grew up. He had a milk round. I’d help milking the cows, by hand of course, and then filling the bottles.”

She added: “I’ve lived in Glan Rhos Nursing Home for five years now. I had a fall at home and couldn’t stay on my own. I’m really happy here. Knowing Kim and Helen most of their lives I know how much they care. It’s a happy home and it means I didn’t have to leave my village.”

The home’s matron, Bec Charles, said: “Kim and Helen’s mum and dad took a chance when they opened Glan Rhos 30 years ago, but they also began a legacy that Kim and Helen have carried on. Their mum instilled in all the staff that this was to be a family home.

“I can testify that the blood that runs through the Glan Rhos veins is that of an extended family. When I joined the team three years ago, I was very quickly introduced to the mantra that all Glan Rhos staff adheres to, you don’t come into this world alone and you won’t leave it alone either.

“This is a home filled with extended family not carers. That’s what makes this such a special place.”

It was a sentiment echoed by clinical lead Ezelina Dacruz, who has worked at the home for 15 years.

She said: “We try to make people feel at home and never alone. Helen and Kim have done an amazing job and we have seen the home grow.

“The new assisted living flats will be an important new addition and mean we can help people live independently for a little longer.”

Vicky Jones, a staff nurse, who started work at Glan Rhos on the home’s 30th birthday, says she’s excited about joining the team.

She said: “I’ve known Kim for more than 30 years and although I’ve done a few night shifts as a registered nurse I’m excited about joining the team full-time.

“It’s a really happy home and filled with the sound of laughter. I’m really looking forward to working here. The home has such a warm and welcoming feel about it.”