June 17, 2024

Denbighshire County Council is asking residents to be considerate to their neighbours during the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown.

The Council’s Public Protection team has seen an increase in complaints relating to noise nuisance from loud music, televisions and gaming, DIY, dogs barking and other noise.

Noise nuisance can affect people’s mental health by causing sleep disturbance or being unable to relax in the garden or with windows open while the weather is nice.

Cllr Mark Young, the Council’s Lead Member for Planning, Public Protection and Safer Communities, said: “We understand this is a difficult time for our residents which is why we are asking people to be considerate.

“Due to the lockdown many of us are making use of our time to catch up on jobs in the garden or around the house. If you are playing music while enjoying your garden, please don’t leave the speakers in your property on a high volume, try and use a portable device and play the music at a lower volume beside you or use headphones.

“Please also keep an eye on your dogs if you have let them out in the garden, with more people than usual around they may be unnecessarily barking at the unusual noises.

“We would also ask residents to hold onto waste rather than disposing of it by having a bonfire and book an appointment at one of our recycling centres which have now re-opened.”