July 21, 2024

Work has been carried out over the last week by Denbighshire County Council officers with input from County Councillors and City, Town and Community Councils to pull together and map out a list of resources available during the Covid-19 outbreak across Denbighshire.

You can find the list atĀ www.denbighshire.gov.uk/communityresources

The list contains information about local emerging groups and businesses across Denbighshire offering support across including information about food deliveries, grocery services and support services. As well as community based information it also contains links to a variety of support agencies and networks which operate locally, regionally and nationally.

Please share this widely with your friends, relatives, neighbours and community.

We are aware that the Excel spreadsheet may not be accessible to all and not easy to access by mobile devices. Officers are exploring alternative ways of sharing this information with our communities and this will be updated and shared soon.

This list of key information will be updated on a regular basis and should you have any information or links that you feel would be useful to residents please emailĀ [email protected].