July 25, 2024

Denbigh pupils step up to help local biodiversity flourish

Nearly 50 Year two pupils spent the morning with Denbighshire County Council’s Biodiversity team and other volunteers, helping to enhance the current site with nearly 1,700 plants grown at the Council’s Tree Nursery at St Asaph.

The Council’s Wildflower Meadows Project, funded by Welsh Government through the Local Places for Nature grant, started in 2019 and has seen over 10,000 individual plants recorded across all sites involved so far.

Denbighshire County Council’s Biodiversity team is working with community groups and volunteers across the county to plug plant at meadows.

Plug planting more flowers will help create more colourful, diverse meadows and better biodiversity support for our local nature and communities.

The Denbigh meadow has already taken part in a successful scheme to introduce yellow rattle which has reduced grass length on the site allowing existing plants to thrive stronger.


Extra wildflowers planted by the pupils will mean more food on the meadow for bees and other pollinators which support our own food chain. More wildflowers will also better support local nature by providing more insect food for animals such as birds to feed on, providing a stronger wildlife area for the surrounding community to enjoy.

Evie Challinor, Biodiversity Officer, said: “It was brilliant working with the pupils at the meadow to get these wildflowers into the ground. They were so enthusiastic to help us help the local nature improve and I really hope they come back to visit the site and see the growth of the site next season.”


Councillor Barry Mellor, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, and Biodiversity Champion said: “I am really, really proud of how the Ysgol Y Parc pupils have stepped up to give a valuable helping hand to the local nature that’s on their own doorstep.

“Our ecosystems across Wales and wider are sadly in decline and its so important to halt this and try and give our children, grandchildren a chance to experience and support wildlife and nature in their future lives…they should not lose what we have right now.

“Its heartwarming to see these pupils dig deep to be aware of the current help our nature needs and I hope they themselves will be proud of the work they have done when they visit the site in years to come.”


Ellie Wainwright, Biodiversity Officer for Denbighshire County Council said: “It was an absolute treat to work with Ysgol y Parc on this project, the children were so enthusiastic and I hope they will now feel a sense of ownership for this beautiful meadow that’s just a short walk from their school.”