July 21, 2024

Denbighshire Residents encouraged to suggest areas of land for important biodiversity protection projects

Residents interested in supporting local biodiversity are being urged to suggest favourite areas of land for inclusion in a growing project.

Denbighshire County Council has launched an appeal during this month’s No Mow May campaign for public views on expanding the Wildflower Meadows Project.

The Council’s Wildflower Meadows Project aims to protect county biodiversity by allowing wildflowers and insects to thrive. Sites are managed by the biodiversity team and are left uncut between March and August, except a small border mown around each site.

This allows the flowers to set seed, and ensures that the meadow provides the greatest benefit to wildlife. At the end of the season, the whole site will be cut with specialist mowing equipment, and the cuttings will be removed to help lower the richness of the soil, and create the low-nutrient ground that our native wildflowers and grasses need to thrive.

In total there are currently 129 meadows this season supporting biodiversity improvement which include highway verges, footpath edges, cycleways and amenity grasslands.

Lesser Knapweed

Along with the county roadside nature reserves which take the total number of wildflower sites up to 140, there will be just over 70 acres of meadows helping and protecting local nature.

Since the project started in 2019 a total of 10,157 individual wildflowers have been recorded across Denbighshire meadows.

During May and the No Mow May campaign, which fits in with the ethos of the Wildflower Meadows Project, the Biodiversity team are looking to those interested in climate change support to help suggest new areas of land to add to the project.

Suitable areas will be added to the project to continue its growth under the management of the biodiversity team increase support for local plants and nature.

Cllr Barry Mellor, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “We are always looking for local knowledge to help guide us with maintaining and growing this important project, even if it’s a small section of land right on your doorstep, it could make a big difference to help our wildflowers and insects with the project’s grass management.

“This month is No Mow May which does dovetail in with the grass management we carry out across our designated meadows. We are always reviewing how we manage our grassland and looking for new areas to include and any suggestions from residents would be great to have.”

This project has also been funded by Welsh Government, through the Local Nature Partnerships Cymru ENRaW project.

If you have suggestions for areas of land to be included in the wildflower meadows project please email [email protected]