Denbighshire’s coastal defence scheme commences work in Prestatyn

Work to improve coastal defences has now begun on the promenade in Prestatyn as part of the Central Prestatyn Coastal Defence Scheme. The multi-million pound project aims to protect over 2,000 properties in the area from floods and future coastal erosion.

Construction of the new defences will follow the boundary of the Rhyl Golf Club, extending towards the sand dunes to the east and will conclude west bound, tying in to the recently completed East Rhyl Coastal Defence Scheme. The work will take approximately three years to complete with a brief closure of the promenade taking place from Garford Road car park to Green Lanes footpath until Autumn 2023.

The main work hub for the project will be situated at the existing Rhyl Golf Course clubhouse, with two new construction site access points being created at the Golf Club and the junction to Sherwood Avenue. Appropriate signposted diversions for pedestrians and cyclists will be in place while the work is undertaken.

The beach will remain open, however some access points to the beach will be closed. At present, access is available via the footpath through the centre of the Rhyl Golf Club, which connects the Coast Road to the beach.

Balfour Beatty, the principal contractors for the work, have stated: “Action is being taken to mitigate any closures and to try and maintain public access to the beach via the Terfyn Pella Avenue and Green Lanes footpaths as much as reasonably and practically possible during the works. We will give residents advance notification of any changes.”

“We will also create a pedestrian crossing point at the Green Lanes footpath to enable access to the beach and are in the process of employing a footpath attendant to enable pedestrians to safely navigate this access, as it cuts across a construction site. This will be staffed during construction hours.”

Councillor Barry Mellor, Lead Member for Environment and Transport said: “We are extremely pleased that the work to safeguard hundreds of properties and businesses in the area from storms and flooding has commenced in Prestatyn as part of our larger project to improve sea defences in Denbighshire’s coastal towns. Denbighshire Council is committed to future-proofing the coastal defences to protect over 2,000 properties and residents in the Prestatyn area.”


You can find more information about the Central Prestatyn Coastal Defence Scheme on the Denbighshire County Council website: