June 17, 2024

ELAN Homes is helping Argoed High School reduce its plastic waste by providing reusable water bottles.

Sponsorship from Elan has enabled the school to help pupils stay hydrated, boosting learning, while being kinder to the environment than single use plastic cups previously provided.

Examination officer Christine Exford said:

“After 11 years of working at Argoed High School I have become increasingly aware of the amount of plastic waste we as a school produce. Our children learn in school about the devastation plastic now causes in our oceans and wanted to look at ways they could make a difference.

“We stopped providing plastic cups and encouraged pupils to bring water bottles into school and now with the support of Elan they have refillable bottles to help them stay hydrated throughout the day.”

Argoed High School is just a short journey from Argoed Gardens, where Elan is building three and four-bedroom homes.

Marie Morris, sales director for Elan Homes in the North, said:

“Young people are switched on when it comes to their impact on the planet and are keen to explore ways they can make a difference. We were happy to lend our support to Argoed High School by providing an alternative to single use plastics.”

Elan’s new homes at Argoed Gardens are well insulated, with high quality double glazing and modern efficient boiler, making them kinder to the environment than older equivalents.

Find out more via www.elan-homes.co.uk/argoedgardens.