June 15, 2024

Ex Welsh Grand Slam rugby players launch Perthyn low alcohol spirit ahead of Wales v England at Twickenham this weekend

Four Welsh Rugby icons, Shane Williams, James Hook, Lee Byrne, and Mike Phillips have united through friendship to launch Perthyn Low Alcohol Spirit: The Spirit of Belonging in the UK today. Pronounced “Pear-thin” and taking its name from the Welsh meaning of belonging, Perthyn is a low alcohol spirit that has launched just in time for the Wales v England rugby match at Twickenham, 26th February and St David’s Day, 1st March.

Since Shane, James, Lee, and Mike created one of the finest legacies by winning the Grand Slam and earning the name, The Fab Four they have been looking to recapture that mysterious sense and spirit of belonging. They found that place in Perthyn. Perthyn Low Alcohol Spirit is inspired by the memory of the grass beneath your feet, the sound of the crowd, the thrill of the game, but most importantly, the friendships formed along the journey.

The Perthyn glass bottle is bevelled with a real wooden cork. The four lines on the grey logo of the bottle represent belonging, friendship, emotion and inclusivity. The “H” in the name Perthyn on the logo symbolises a rugby post.

Perthyn Low Alcohol Spirit uses locally and responsibly sourced botanicals to ensure a true taste of belonging, as interpreted by knowledgeable and passionate distillers. It is distilled in Cardiff Distillery, which offers a unique and ideal climate, along with quality local botanicals, in the shadows of the world-famous Principality Stadium. These botanicals make for a zesty spirit with notes of citrus, cardamon and thyme. Perthyn honours the traditions and heritage of fine Gins but puts its own unique spin on it to add a new dimension to the No / Low category.


Signature Serve: P&G

50ml Perthyn Low Alcohol Spirit | 200ml Mediterranean Tonic | Garnish with Pink Grapefruit and Rosemary

Mix Perthyn Low Alcohol Spirit and Mediterranean Tonic in a glass with ice and garnish with Grapefruit and Rosemary


Shane Williams, co-founder of Perthyn Low Alcohol Spirit says:

“We created Perthyn Low Alcohol Spirit to find a sense of belonging and share that with other individuals who value authenticity, reciprocity and quality. Perthyn is perfect for health focussed individuals who want to feel included without having to compromise on taste or well-being. Perthyn is a constant reminder of how you want to live, so you can try to embody that happiness and bring it with you every day.”

Perthyn Low Alcohol Spirit RRP £21.95. ABV 10%. Available from the Cardiff Distillery

Social Media: @perthynspirits

Website: www.perthynspirits.com