June 22, 2024

Gamlins hosts wellbeing seminar

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Fostering an open and honest culture is critical in promoting a successful wellbeing at work…

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Fostering an open and honest culture is critical in promoting a successful wellbeing at work policy, a seminar heard.

Leading North Wales law firm Gamlins Law teamed up with sister company HR Anchor and recruitment specialist JVP Group to share their insights with businesses in North Wales and Cheshire. The event was held at Gamlins Law’s Morfa Hall office in Rhyl.

They were joined by special guest speaker Paul McGregor, the founder of Everymind at Work, which supports businesses in taking a proactive approach to mental health.

Paul, who lost his father to suicide in 2009, told the attendees: “Everyone is unique and on their own personal journey. A lot of businesses only do something when there is a problem. We all have mental health. Mental illness is something different. We think we are unbreakable until we break.”

Ron Davison, Managing Director of Gamlins Law, explained how he had prioritised colleague wellbeing when he became MD.

Ron said: “I knew I had to create the right environment and this is more important than ever now as we employ almost 100 people across Gamlins Law and HR Anchor.

“An open and honest culture is key and an understanding that colleagues will face challenges at different times. We have a successful partnership with Everymind and have a team of Mental Health First Aiders within the business.”

Elissa Thursfield, a consultant with HR Anchor, said: “The days when employees were just a cog in a machine have gone.

“Jeans Friday and the occasional slice of pizza is not an employee wellbeing culture. Instead, there needs to be a consistent approach of engaging with staff, regular updates, open door policy and collaboration rather than silos. Do your employees have a voice?”

Cath Harrison, Managing Director of St Asaph-based JVP Group, stressed the vital role of effective communications.

Cath said: “In a candidate driven market, people can be choosy about which jobs they apply for. Wellbeing has become more important for existing employees and candidates looking for a change. They will check you out to ensure that what a business says is authentic.”