July 18, 2024

New homes have been crafted to support a Rhyl reserve’s resident wildlife.

Denbighshire County Council’s Countryside Service recently led a volunteer session to create wildlife homes to be situated at a newly redeveloped area of Brickfield Pond Nature Reserve.

Countryside staff and volunteers supported by Nature for Health and Hedgehog Help Prestatyn, put their best skills to use to build hedgehog homes and bug hotels to be located at redeveloped area to the south of the reserve.

Redevelopment work is helping reconnect an old community orchard and pond to the main site with the installation of a new path and the clearing of undergrowth.

A wooden bridge links the path to a circular route around the pond and water courses have bene cleared in the area to encourage Water Voles to the site, helping improve biodiversity.

Hedgehog numbers have declined across the UK likely due to the loss of habitats influenced by urban development, agricultural intensification and climate change.

The new homes at the Rhyl site will provide hedgehogs with needed safety.

Bug hotels support different types of insects such as ladybirds, bees, spiders and woodlice, which in turn allows them to help increase local biodiversity.

Cllr Barry Mellor, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “This work is really important to help support and improve the local biodiversity around the nature reserve. The volunteers and staff have done a fantastic job in creating this vital homes for these reserve residents which will benefit biodiversity moving forward.”