July 19, 2024

“It is pivotal that barriers to employment are removed,” says Minister for Economy on unique job seeker support programme

Vaughan Gething MS, Minister for Economy, outlines how the Welsh Government is adapting its employment support to tackle the cost-of-living crisis and help people into work with tailored funding packages.

“The escalating cost of living crisis reinforces how critical it is for jobseekers and anyone at risk of redundancy to engage with our unique ReAct+ programme.

“It’s vital individuals can access support to remove the barriers to employment they face in a bid to help businesses across Wales meet demand for new employees across a wide range of industries, notably social care, hospitality, construction, transport, and manufacturing.

“People want to work but may need to develop the skills they have or gain new qualifications that employers are looking for.

“For some a confidence boost or mentoring is all they need, or to be shown how to craft a CV or learn techniques that will help them through a rigorous selection process.

“We want to empower people to control their own futures, so there is no limit to what they can go on and achieve. This is especially important during a difficult period when the country is recovering from the financial and social impact of Brexit, Covid-19, the cost-of-living crisis, and the wider economic instability we’re currently facing.

“The Welsh Government recognises this. That’s why our ReAct+ is programme is available to anyone aged 18 or above who has become unemployed in the last twelve months or is under a formal notice of redundancy. This includes those who have recently left education, disabled people or those living with a health condition, ex-offenders and offenders serving their sentence in the community.

“A raft of support is available through Working Wales and its team of skilled advisers, who are flexible to the needs of the modern world and the obstacles which face this and future generations of workers.

“The funding and personal development package this employment programme delivers is tailored to the applicant. There is no one size fits all template, so real, bespoke solutions can be created, and challenges overcome.

“As well as advice and practical support, ReAct+ also provides skills and vocational training via a £1,500 grant, so finding a role in a new industry is a realistic possibility.

“There are other financial levers to be capitalised on for those who access training funded by ReAct+; up to £4,450 to help cover care or childcare and £300 towards transport costs whilst applicants are in training. Employers themselves have the motivation to discover more, including up to £3,000 towards a recruit’s wages in the first year, paid in regular instalments.

“As a new programme, ReAct+ may be unfamiliar to some organisations in the private sector. So I am urging senior leaders, managers, and company owners in Wales to embrace the programme, because there is an abundance of talent out there and many reasons and incentives for you to find out more.

“For those who are looking to get into work, whatever your background, there is help available.  ReAct+ is there and ready to give you the confidence, skills, training and financial assistance to lay the foundations for your journey forward.

“Most importantly, it is unique to every single person that uses its services. No two people are the same, and no matter how varied or diverse their barriers may be or how far someone feels from a return or entry into the labour market, there will be help available.

“For more information and for employment support as unique as you, search ‘Working Wales ReAct+’ or call 0800 028 4844.”

NOTES: ReAct+ supports those who have become unemployed in the last twelve months or are under a formal notice of redundancy by providing them with a free personalised package of employment support that could include advice, training or funding. For employment support as unique as you, visit workingwales.gov.wales/react-plus or call 0800 028 4844.

The ReAct+ programme is part-funded by the Welsh Government and European Social Fund and delivered by Working Wales.