May 22, 2024

Secondary school pupils are learning in a lower carbon environment after returning from the Easter holidays.

Denbighshire County Council’s Energy Team has completed a project to reduce energy usage and also lower long term energy costs at Ysgol Brynhyfryd

The team has managed several projects across Council buildings, including school premises to improve building energy efficiency and also support the reduction of carbon emissions and usage costs over the longer term.

This work is part of the Council’s drive to address the climate and nature emergency declared in 2019 and reduce its own carbon footprint.

Work started in January this year on the project which was 90 percent funded by the Welsh Government through their low carbon heat grant and supported by the Welsh Government Energy Service.

The school has received two new 50kW air source heat pumps which are housed in a new compound on the grounds. These have replaced the end of life gas boilers and consequently their direct emissions from burning the gas.

This technology turns one unit of energy into three units of low carbon heat by using ambient environmental temperature and can utilise some of the output from solar panels to do this, further reducing cost and emissions.

To help improve the efficiency impact with the heatpumps the Council also funded an additional two solar PV arrays, giving the school a total of three arrays generating a total of close to 100kW.

In addition to support lower energy use and the reduction of long-term costs, LED lighting has been installed which can reduce lighting electricity consumption by at least 50 percent.

Estimated cost savings due to the work is £19,098 each year alongside carbon savings of 28.166 tonnes annually.

Robert Jones, Principal Energy Manager said: “We are grateful to the school for supporting this project and the work needed and also the Welsh Government for providing funding for the addition of the heatpumps. This has been an extensive project to improve the energy efficiency of the school environment and reducing their emissions and we are grateful for everyone who helped us complete this work.

Helen Vaughan-Evans, Head of Corporate Support Service Performance, Digital & Assets, said: “This project will help Ysgol Brynhyfryd not only provide a better learning environment for pupils and teachers and reduce carbon but also support the school in reducing ongoing energy costs. The Council is committed to reducing our buildings carbon emissions and thank the Energy Teams proactive work and the excellent engagement from the school.”