July 25, 2024

New Counselling Service developed to take pressure off NHS in Wales & England

A North Wales business owner and experienced counsellor has this month launched a new counselling service to take the pressure off over-subscribed NHS services in England and Wales.

The Phoenix Counselling Service has been developed by North Wales Counsellor, Clare Baddeley, who hopes to offer affordable counselling services to people who would otherwise be unable to access private mental health services, and cannot or do not want to wait on massive NHS waiting lists to access counselling and mental health support.  Clare explains:

“Mental health issues like stress and depression are on the rise. More people each year are diagnosed as having a mental health condition and suicide rates are climbing at an alarming rate. 

“Often because of a lack of available talking therapies people are only offered the option of medication, and whilst this is a useful ally in treating mental health, talking therapies are equally important, and in some cases can even offer an alternative to medication.

“Phoenix counselling has a team of trained, ethical and confidential counsellors, who are skilled and experienced in creating the therapeutic relationship with their clients. Using a professional theoretical approach our counsellors will use a range of skills on a week by week basis to help their clients to explore and resolve their issues, no matter what the presenting problem.  We are client-led and Phoenix Counselling offers a range of theoretical approaches, which are used in accordance to the clients need.”

While undergoing counselling training, Clare herself underwent counselling sessions which lasted over a year. Clare says having counselling changed her life for the better, and openly admits its the best thing she ever did.

Clare explains:

“For me Counselling was life-changing as well as life-affirming and I have experienced the benefits first-hand.

“Counselling can have a massive affect on peoples mental wellness. The power of the therapeutic relationship helps the client to feel safe and enables them to explore all aspects of their feelings and emotions. 

“I firmly believe that counselling should be accessible to everyone.  It was this which motivated me to launch Phoenix Counselling, and my team will work with me to keep session costs to a minimum, with further concessions for people who are unemployed. “

The service will initially be launching in the Denbighshire, Conwy and Stoke on Trent areas, while Clare’s business partner Yvonne  will launch a service in Basildon and Southend, although the  ambitious duo have long-term plans to cover the whole of the UK.

Clare concludes:

“I am passionate that counselling can reduce peoples mental health significantly – and there are waiting lists across the UK.”

“While our start up services cover a small part of the UK, we have plans to expand the service very quickly, enabling us to cover more areas with services which are affordable with no waiting lists.”

Counselling sessions cost £30.00 per session, with concessions for people who are unemployed.  To learn more, or book a session, please visit Clare’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2592686840963928/