May 29, 2024

Nearly 5,000 new trees have been planted across Denbighshire to help reduce carbon emissions and improve biodiversity.

These new trees planted this year, are in addition to the planting of over 18,000 across Denbighshire as part of the Council’s Corporate Plan 2017-22 focus on the preservation of the natural environment and also the maintaining and enhancing biodiversity within the county.

Denbighshire County Council’s Woodland Creation Project is laying down roots across the county thanks to the support work of staff, volunteers and elected members.

In July 2019, the Council passed a motion to declare a Climate Change and Ecological Emergency.  A Climate and Ecological Change Strategy was approved by Council in February 2021, committing the Council to become Net Carbon Zero and more Ecologically Positive Council by 2030.

This includes reducing the Council’s carbon emissions from several sources.

It is not possible to reach net carbon zero by reducing emissions alone.  Any carbon emissions that we cannot eliminate will therefore have to be offset.  The Woodland Creation Project will help the council achieve that carbon zero goal by contributing to the amount of carbon sequestered (or absorbed).

Volunteers and Council staff have planted 800 trees at Llanrhydd, 2,500 at Maes Gwilym, 1,500 at Cae Ddol and 150 trees at Maes Esgob. This included a number of school children who were able to plant the trees on their old school field in Ruthin, as well as enhance the Maes Gwilym woodland in Rhyl.

The project is also designed to support the Council in increasing the species richness of its land.

Cllr Tony Thomas, Denbighshire County Council lead member for Housing and Communities, said: “We are really pleased to plant nearly 5000 trees across the county and are grateful to the support of staff and volunteers who have worked on the sites and also elected members who have helped.

“All the trees have been selected to enhance biodiversity with a really diverse hedgerow mix as well as standard sized tree species chosen to suit each area.

“Each site also has a ‘celebration’ tree, chosen by residents during our online consultation last November, planted in an area with plenty of space to enable it to grow into a magnificent specimen for the community to enjoy and be proud of.”

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