May 21, 2024

North Wales Agency Held Important talk Highlighting Law Changes in Employment

An important employment law update talk took place on Tuesday 7 May at Wrexham University – St Asaph Campus, about all the latest changes in the sector and the impact it will have on recruitment for businesses. 

The changes to employment law event was held by QiStaff Solutions, a recruitment agency based in North Wales, where Elissa, a seasoned Employment Law Solicitor from Hroes, delved into the latest legal changes and how it is crucial for businesses to navigate the latest updates. 

During the session, there was a discussion about what the latest changes in employment law are. Those who attended were given insights from Elissa on the importance of knowing these updates and how to utilise these for compliance and strategic HR planning.

The changes to employment law in the UK came into effect on April 6 2024, some of the changes discussed at the talk were:

  • Flexible working – The right to request flexible working became a day one right. As a result, all employees now have the right to request flexible working regardless of their length of service (previously you needed 26 weeks’ service).
  • Changes to holiday pay and entitlement – For any holiday years starting from now onwards, employers will have the option to calculate holiday pay and entitlement in two new ways for part-year and irregular hours workers.
  • Carer’s Leave The Carer’s Leave Regulations 2024 which gives employees the right to apply for up to one week of unpaid carer’s leave in any 12-month period. 
  • Paternity Leave – Greater flexibility has been introduced to statutory paternity leave for employees, leave can be taken in two separate one-week blocks, and may be taken at any time within the first year after birth or adoption.

Evette Easton, Director at QiStaff Solutions and organiser of the event said: “It is so important that businesses are aware about the latest changes and how they can best support their employees. The latest employment law update is crucial for businesses to make sure their policies are all up to date and most importantly, that they communicate with their employees about the changes. It was so great hearing from Elissa who has valuable knowledge and insights from her time working in the law sector and showing how businesses can best navigate the latest changes.”