July 13, 2024

Online criminals who prey on businesses will be focus of tech summit at Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo will play host to a summit aiming to help businesses learn new skills on how to deal with predatory cyber attacks.

Soaring numbers of companies are now being targeted by online criminals with cyber crime costing the economy £27bn a year.

Now, in a bid to try and help businesses in the region, the Connectus Group, which provides industry-leading solutions in this area, will be hosting an event at the Atrium in Chester Zoo on March 7.

Looking ahead to the event next month Mr Shelton, who also the previous chairman of the Chester Business Club, said: “Cyber crime is growing at an alarming rate and no company, regardless of its size or sector, is safe from a cyber-attack.

“All companies store, access and are dependent on information – be it customer details, staff data, payroll logs , financial accounts, sensitive design information or matters relating to intellectual property.

“Without it, companies cease to trade, and not handling it properly leaves them open to litigation claims from customers, supply chain partners, their staff and others.

“Last month, the government issued new guidelines to help directors and business leaders boost their cyber resilience. 

“It urged firms to consider cyber threats as a critical business risk just as they would with financial or legal challenges. But, sadly, many businesses are still ill-prepared.”

Looking ahead to the event next month Mr Shelton, who also the previous past chair and president (elect) of the Chester Business Club, added: “This will be an opportunity to be a part of an event which will be providing solutions to businesses on how to better deal with cyber crime as well as showing them how to spot the signs they’ve fallen victim to an attack themselves. The event will be supported by our partners Brigantia , will support Chester Business Club Members and is restricted to 60 guests, providing ample opportunity to make connections and enjoy an informative event in a fascinating and amazing setting.”


To book a place, fill in the form here: https://connectus.org.uk/the-predator-series/