April 15, 2024

Opportunity to make a change during Great Big Green Week

Denbighshire Communities are urged to share their green views on tackling climate change.

Denbighshire County Council during The Great Big Green Week is calling on communities to step forward with their own views on tackling local climate change issues.

The annual campaign’s theme is encouraging community action to tackle climate change and also protect nature.

Denbighshire County Council is reviewing its Climate and Ecological Change Strategy which was adopted in 2021 following the declaration of a Climate Change and Ecological Emergency by the Council in 2019.

The Council is committed to becoming a Net Carbon Zero and Ecologically Positive Council by 2030.

Already through various initiatives including reducing reliance on fossil fuel powered fleet vehicles, the growth of a wildflower meadows project, energy efficient work in Council owned buildings and the increase in woodland canopies across the county, the Council is 2,374 tonnes closer to achieving its Net Carbon Zero goal and has increased the amount of its land with high species richness to 584 hectares.

The Council has launched an online survey for people to share their views on how we can shape the next phase of climate and ecological work to address the declared 2019 emergency.

Opportunities to take part in the survey will be regularly advertised on Denbighshire County Council’s social media channels and the survey closes on July 2.

Cllr Barry Mellor, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “ We have had fantastic support from communities across Denbighshire towards shaping our work to address climate change issues. It is The Great Big Green Week and this is the perfect time for community members to come together to shape a positive future for family and friends.

“We look forward to hearing your ideas and views to improve the environment in Denbighshire through the survey. It will help us shape our approach to provide an even better greener future for our communities.”


To take part in the survey please click on the link below


Residents can also go to any library to complete the survey in paper format, if required.

For more information on the Council’s climate change work please visit this link (web or link to newsletter)