June 22, 2024

A project is underway to raise the profile of a Prestatyn piece of history.

Denbighshire County Council is running a restoration and community engagement project at the Prestatyn Roman Baths, found at the end of Melyd Avenue.

The baths were first known of during the 1930s when it was discovered following excavations.

It was then re-covered and excavated again in the 1980s, during the construction of the neighbouring housing estate. The site is now managed by Denbighshire County Council

The Bath House was constructed in around 120 AD, then extended in 150 AD.

There is some debate over the reasons for its location in Prestatyn. However, it is believed to be linked to the Roman legions in Chester and Caernarfon, lying around halfway between the two.

It may also have been associated with a nearby harbour, due to its coastal location.

Councillor Win Mullen James, Cabinet Lead Member for Local Development and Planning, said: “This is one of the town’s ‘hidden jewels’, which we would like to future-proof for the enjoyment of generations to come. This great project is funded by Cadw’s Ancient Monument Grant and the Clwydian Range AONB’s Sustainable Development Fund.

“We aim to raise the profile of the Roman Baths, with it being a relatively little-known site. We would like to increase visitor numbers to the Baths, and develop interest in local history.”

The project will involve:

  • Works to secure the stonemasonry, which has become loose over time.
  • Works to the path surrounding the bath house.
  • New information panels.
  • Creating a herb border.
  • Wildflower plug planting.
  • Arts workshops with local schools.
  • A public open day to celebrate the completion of the project.
  • Links with local organisations to promote the Bath House.
  • A long-term increase in local knowledge of, and visitors to the Bath House.

During its excavation in the 1980s, local school children visited the Bath House. The Council would like to get in touch with the people who visited the site during this time to arrange a re-visit. Please contact Claudia Smith at [email protected]  / 07785517398 if you were one of the original visitors to the Bath House, have a group who would like to visit, or would like further information on the project.