July 19, 2024

Retirement party

It’s important to celebrate those special milestones in life and getting to retirement age is definitely one of those times. Novelty mugs or a bottle of wine are fine for birthdays and Christmas presents but you need something that really shows how much you appreciate an employee’s years of service to your business. Your gift should say congratulations, thank you, and good luck for the future.

The average retirement age in the UK is 65 for men and 64 for women, however, retirees are leading longer, healthier, and more active lives than ever. Some people choose to pursue the dreams of their youth, whether that is writing a novel, returning to school, or starting a band. Others throw themselves into their hobbies, spend more time with their loved ones or even go abroad.

Here are some retirement gift ideas for your employees to give them a send-off to remember:

A holiday

Nothing shows your appreciation more than sending them off on a dream getaway. Buying your employee, a holiday is pulling out all the stops and the perfect way to demonstrate your gratefulness for their work over the years. The whole point of retirement is to make time for relaxation so booking something like a cruise that takes away all the stress of booking themselves is ideal.

Selecting a destination that they wouldn’t originally pick is a great finishing touch. They could make lasting memories on exciting tours to India or with like-minded friends on a desert safari.

Something personalised

Personalising your gift is a great answer to many special occasions and there are many avenues you can go down. Emblazoning their name, along with their years of active service on a bottle of their favourite drink or cosmetic shows your gratitude and that you’ve paid attention to their interests across their work life.

Jewellery with initials or their birthstone attached can show that you care about what makes them unique.

Gift hamper

You can never go wrong with a gift hamper, whether you fill it with chocolates, wine, cheese, or cosmetics. There are so many luxurious gift baskets that your employee will adore, and the best part is that they take a lot less time and effort than their looks suggest. Coming pre-packed in smart wicker baskets or glossy boxes, gift hampers look the part and are a guaranteed winner.

Experience day

Offering your employee an experience day can set retirement off with a bang. You can purchase packages for a whole range of adventures, including skydiving, white water rafting, tickets to the theatre, or masterclass food courses. This all depends on the individual interests of your employee so be sure to do your research.