June 22, 2024

Sepsis patient recovers to run the Therme Manchester Marathon

Slav Wojcik, the founder of One Step Closer and CbdFit, is no stranger to fitness challenges. Having completed many half, full and ultra-marathons, Ironman competitor Slav will be taking on the Therme Manchester Marathon on Sunday 3rd April.

In 2021, the Stafford-based 42-year-old father of two had a severe sepsis diagnosis which landed him in Intensive Care. Each challenge he has taken on since is a testament to his determination to overcome his health challenges and return to his active lifestyle as he explains:

“My main reasons for taking part in all kinds of competitions was to challenge myself, face my fears, build up confidence, motivate others and prove to myself that I’m capable of achieving things that I once thought were impossible to achieve. This year’s attempt of 26.2 miles has an even deeper meaning. It will be almost a year since I got seriously ill with severe sepsis and survived a near-death experience with doctors having to twice bring me back to life.”

Thankfully Slav survived, but his life turned upside down and he ended up with a lifetime heart condition. Despite this, he didn’t give up and is back to doing what he loves but with different goals and slight health adjustments.

Slav wasn’t a fan of running in the past and having asthma had meant he struggled controlling his breathing. But he made the decision to start working on his weaknesses, and strengthening his heart, and eventually began to enjoy running and recognised all the benefits that come from it. Manchester was the first city where Slav ever ran a marathon and it clearly had an impact on him:

“I was really impressed with the event organisation, support and the atmosphere, so I am sure it will be no different this year. There’s a few of my team members coming to Manchester to compete and support, and my wife is also running. Taking part in events gives me that confidence boost, endorphins, and dopamine release. I’m really looking forward to that excitement that goes through your veins when you arrive at the venue and I can’t wait to see and hear all the support and, of course, crossing the finish line. This marathon is going to be an emotional one.”