July 20, 2024

Seven in ten Welsh people have had a dispute with a neighbour, here’s why…

We’re all guilty of having a little moan when our neighbour does something out of place, however, according to new research by regulated property buyers, Good Move two-thirds (64%) of Britons have had arguments with their neighbours, and it’s people in Wales who have them most of all – with 72% of Welsh citizens claiming to have had a problem with their neighbour in the past.

Good Move delved into Britons relationships with their neighbours to determine the reasons why they have had disputes. According to the research, the top ten reasons are as followed:

  1.       Playing music loudly (28%)
  2.       Having loud parties (26%)
  3.       Plants/trees overgrowing into their property (19%)
  4.       They park over their driveway or in their spot (17%)
  5.       They put their rubbish in their bin (16%)
  6.       They cut their trees down (15%)
  7.       They don’t take their bins out (15%)
  8.       They keep knocking things into their garden (13%)
  9.       They won’t pay for their half of the garden fence (13%)
  10.   Noisy children (13%)

Other reasons include having loud sex, smoking drugs in the garden and howling dogs. One respondent even said: “They are just a pair of scruffy tramps who live in the dirtiest house in the street.” Awkward!

Delving further into the research, Good Move can also reveal the locations where Brits have had the most disputes with neighbours. The top five are as followed:

  1.       Wales (72%)
  2.       Northern England (70%)
  3.       South West England (69%)
  4.       South East England (63%)
  5.       Scotland (60%)

When respondents were asked whether they had resolved issues with their neighbours, 76% said they had meaning a quarter (24%) still have festering problems.

Commenting on the research findings, Nima Ghasri, director at Good Move says: “It’s interesting to see just how many people have had disputes with their neighbours across the UK and the factors that caused these arguments.

“If you’re experiencing issues with your neighbour, I’d always advise to try and discuss the problem with your neighbour first. If you’re worried about approaching them, maybe write a letter and explain the problem clearly. If, however, the problems become serious, I’d recommend making a formal complaint to your local council.”

To read more about the research, head over to: https://goodmove.co.uk/blog/these-are-the-uks-biggest-neighbour-disputes-and-the-worst-regions-for-it/