June 15, 2024

Shopping scheme’s £25k boost for town centre businesses

A POPULAR shopping scheme has given town centre businesses a £25,000 boost.

That’s how many Totally Mold vouchers have been sold since the initiative was launched just 18 months ago.

The idea was rolled-out by the town council during the pandemic, in response to the challenges facing retailers in the UK.

Now organisers are urging people to use the £5 tokens in shops and stores locally, as many people have held onto them and not done so yet.

“To have sold almost £25,000 worth of Totally Mold vouchers is fantastic news as all of the money stays here in our local economy, unlike national high street vouchers,” said Joanna Douglass, Business and Regeneration Officer at Mold Town Council.

“This and other upcoming projects have given the economy a well-timed cash injection, encouraging people to shop locally and really helping our community.

“The feedback we received was fantastic, it was so positive, and as I’ve said previously, if every adult in Mold spent just £5 per week in our shops rather than online or elsewhere that would equate to £2million annually for our economy – a massive difference.”

She added: “Thanks to the many people who has supported this scheme, everyone came together and it’s had a major impact on traders and business owners here.”

Jane Evans, Events and Community Engagement Officer at Mold Town Council, echoed those words and said: “We are urging everyone not to forget to spend your Totally Mold Vouchers, they can be used in one or more our fantastic range of participating shops so be sure to check our website www.totallymold.org.uk for the full list or call 01352 758532.

“They are no longer available to buy but they can still be spent and are valid until August 31.

“And if anyone who still has unspent or expired ‘white’ vouchers please get in touch as we will happily exchange them for the current ‘blue’ version.”

For further information, email: [email protected].