April 15, 2024

Should your small business outsource a legal team?

No small business can operate without some form of legal support, which is why the majority consider hiring an in-house legal team. Having an experienced legal team is useful for advice and support regarding all legal matters.

However, outsourcing your legal services to top tier lawyers from different practices can be highly beneficial for many reasons. But is this something your small business should consider doing? Here we’ll discuss the advantages of outsourcing your legal work and how it differs from keeping the work in-house.

Access to heightened expertise

Outsourcing legal work to an external firm with a variety of different niches means you have access to a level of talent that likely wouldn’t exist in your firm. It’s particularly useful for small businesses to fill in any gaps in internal competencies.

You can go directly to the external firm with the required expertise, thereby avoiding wasting company funds and time on tasks that your staff aren’t qualified to handle.

More cost-effective

With outsourced legal services, you aren’t required to pay a salary as you would for in-house employees. You have the flexibility to ask for resources when needed, which can significantly reduce your business expenses.

This is a substantial consideration for small businesses who may not be in a position to hire an in-house team, especially if there isn’t a great deal of work to constantly be undertaking. You also avoid the need for recruitment, training and expensive technology, which can all lead to unnecessary spending.

Improved quality of service

Like with all businesses, legal firms must remain competitive in terms of their offerings, performance and flexibility. This means maintaining an exceptional level of performance to ensure you are a returning client.

With an in-house team, you may incur challenges such as misconduct and poor performance, which can be costly and time-consuming. Outsourcing a legal team helps to avoid these issues and ensures you get the best quality service possible.

Access to the latest technology

The majority of established legal firms will already be well-equipped with the latest AI-based solutions for things like e-Discovery, legal research and contract management. This ensures and efficiency and accuracy, reducing the likelihood of human error.

The use of technology will also reduce turnaround time, especially in demanding legal projects where time is of the essence. Some firms will also have teams across the globe, who’ll be able to work on projects in different time zones, thereby extending productive business hours.