July 21, 2024

Speech and Language Therapy degree first to offer dedicated Welsh bilingual provision at WGU

Wrexham University

Welsh speakers looking to embark on a career as a Speech and Language Therapist will be able to study bilingually, thanks to the introduction of Welsh language provision on the degree course at Wrexham Glyndwr University (WGU).

In an exciting step forward for learning and academic provision through the medium of Welsh, the Speech and Language Therapy degree will be the first course at the university to offer bilingual study options from September.

It comes only a matter of weeks since the institution rubber-stamped its new Welsh Language Academic Strategy and Action Plan.

As part of this development the university has recruited Ffion Roberts, a Welsh-speaking lecturer for the subject.

Students will gain 40 credits in full Welsh provision on the degree which will make them eligible to apply for an incentive scholarship from Y Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol. In addition, all Welsh language speakers at the university can apply for a Welsh Language Certificate facilitated by Y Coleg Cymraeg at any time during their studies.

Elen Mai Nefydd, Head of Welsh Medium Academic Development at WGU, said: “The introduction of Welsh bilingual provision on our Speech and Language Therapy degree course is exciting for not only us as a university but for prospective students, who are Welsh speakers.

“Offering bilingual provision for our students has a great deal of benefits for them, particularly in terms of leading to excellent employment opportunities here in Wales, and in turn, strengthening the bilingual workforce.

“Providing a bilingual learning environment here in North Wales is another great positive for students in the region as the closest Welsh provider in this subject area is in Cardiff.

“I feel a great deal of pride that only weeks after approving our Welsh Language Academic Strategy and Action Plan, we are already making progress and demonstrating our commitment to creating a truly bilingual culture and also backing the Welsh Government’s ambition of reaching one million Welsh speakers by 2050.”

Ffion Roberts

Ffion Roberts, Speech and Language Therapy Lecturer, who will be joining WGU in September, said: “I feel delighted to be joining the fantastic team at WGU – and to be part of the team introducing bilingual provision, through the Speech and Language Therapy course.

“For those looking to pursue a career in Speech and Language Therapy in Wales, being able to communicate bilingually is a huge strength.

“Identification of speech, language and communication needs in bilingual clients relies on detailed assessment and intervention in both languages, therefore availability of Welsh language Speech and Language Therapy services is a clinical necessity, if this is the home language of the service user in question.

“Language is hugely important in health and care settings because being able to respond to patients and service users in their first language means a great deal to the individual, particularly when it comes to discussing sensitive and emotional issues. It’s helping to meet the needs of individuals straight away – the ability to communicate in the Welsh language can eradicate a potential barrier to care.”