July 25, 2024

St Asaph ergonomics pioneer launches innovative industry ‘health check’

AN INNOVATIVE ‘health check’ using revolutionary technology will change the lives of employees across the country.

Canary Designs is a leading ergonomics business using myriad techniques and processes to help cut down on absenteeism, increase sales and improve workplace conditions at some of the UK’s top organisations.

Based in St Asaph, the firm focuses on helping companies to look after their most important asset – the people.

Canary Designs has implemented systems that identify the leanest and most effective methods of operation at private and public sector employers, including Airbus, Magnox and the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution).

Managing director John Lovegrove has used ergonomics to improve work settings at power stations, factories, marine labs, retailers, emergency services and companies from different sectors.

John, who has appeared as a High Court expert witness and given presentations at the Red Bull F1 racing team factory for Bentley, JCB and Ford, is now rolling-out a service that encapsulates tried and tested methodology and new technologies he has used successfully over a 20-year career.

“The health check is a culmination of the work I’ve carried out in the last two decades, especially the eight years since I launched Canary Designs,” said John, who lives in Llanrhaeadr, Denbigh, with wife Lisa and children Awela and Robin.

“Advances in machinery and equipment mean we can now go into any organisation, look at where they are and how they operate, and immediately start to assess how they can do things differently.

“It’s not a case of looking at the bottom line or the balance sheet, but ultimately improving the lives and conditions of staff who are working longer hours and experiencing high levels of stress, to have a positive overall effect on their output in the future.”

Ground-breaking Eyetracker technology, Jack software, 3D scanning, anthropometric measuring and Solidworks computer-aided design (CAD) are among the innovative tools he uses to gauge how staff are performing, what issues they are encountering and how much time is being wasted on coping with technical glitches or processes that could be avoided.

It can also be applied to the customer journey and engagement, which all impacts upon revenue.

“The client and customer relationship is vital in any industry and has a knock on effect,” said the 41 year-old, a former pupil at Prestatyn High School and student at Loughborough University.

“Using Eyetracker, for example, allows me to follow the system an employee uses for a set amount of time, and to see how time – and ultimately money – can be saved. Are they using the right system? How are they interacting with the machine they are using, or the customer?

“This is also an opportunity for the employee themselves to raise issues, and can have a positive impact on morale, and subsequently mental health.”

John is now looking to roll-out tailored packages to support organisations of varying sizes, having worked closely with the RNLI in past weeks.

As well as conducting further market research in different fields, he will be holding workshops and creating ‘virtual work environments’ at Canary’s Denbighshire HQ, where North Wales firms have been joining him at the popular Hwb Ergonomeg (Ergonomics Hub), with the aim of creating a community of workplace influencers.

“The entire approach is human driven and based on expectation, goals and budget,” said John, who is looking to recruit graduate level candidates in the coming months to help grow the business.

“Identifying how all of this marries together is crucial to the future of any organisation, whether the worker is stood on an assembly line all day, sat in an office or up and down ladders, it can have a physical and mental demand on them that can lead to a negative outcome if left to continue.

“Taking a step back and looking at how your company or organisation works, what issues the staff are facing and creating a leaner, happier environment is what we do. The results are beneficial, to operations and profits but, most importantly, the people.”

For more information, email [email protected] or visit the website at www.canary-designs.co.uk