June 21, 2024

Update on resettlement scheme for Ukrainian refugees in Denbighshire

The first Ukrainian families have arrived in Denbighshire as part of the UK Resettlement Scheme.

Families have started arriving in the county with a further 19 hosts approved by Denbighshire County Council as part of the national scheme.

The Council is continuing to contact host families to carry out the necessary checks before approval can be given.

Denbighshire has a long history of accommodating and supporting refugees and over the last five years the Council has resettled 25 families, made up of 95 individuals, predominantly in response to the refugee crisis in Syria and Afghanistan.

Ann Lloyd, the Council’s Interim Head of Service for Community Support Services, said: “We are pleased to have been able to welcome the first families arriving in Denbighshire.

“The Council is working to ensure the relevant support is available for families once they arrive in Denbighshire, this includes our education team processing applications for school places.

“Through Home Office funding, we are well placed to provide the necessary support and have a working group to manage the programme, as well as a dedicated team working directly with families, and additional support from partners in the third sector and from local volunteer groups.

“A number of Denbighshire residents have come forward to offer accommodation to those who have been forced to leave Ukraine due to the ongoing conflict and on behalf of the Council I would like to thank them for their generosity.

“We are continuing the process of contacting residents who have offered accommodation to arrange the relevant checks before we can move to the next stage.”

If anyone has any enquiries, or would like to offer accommodation, they should email [email protected] and for more information visit https://gov.wales/homes-ukraine-guidance-sponsors-html