July 19, 2024

Volunteer biodiversity help recognised during global campaign

A woodland creation project has helped inspire stronger protection of Denbighshire’s biodiversity.

On the eve of Earth Day 2023 which aims to inspire awareness and appreciation for our environment and planet, Denbighshire County Council paid a big thank you to all community members who invested time in creating new enhanced woodland areas early this year.

The Council’s wider Woodland Creation Project 2023 saw nearly 17,000 trees planted across 18 new county sites, including schools, to help with the drive to reach net carbon zero in Denbighshire by contributing to the amount of carbon sequestered (or absorbed) and tackle nature’s emergency.

Other benefits include improved air quality, volunteer, training and educational opportunities at the sites through volunteer days and helping with site monitoring and maintenance, as well as the benefits of nature spaces for community health and wellbeing.

Sites that were enhanced with tree planting included Dol Corwenna in Corwen, Ffordd Parc Bodnant in Prestatyn, Coronation Gardens in Rhyl, several residential grassland areas and local schools.

School pupils, volunteers from communities and local members joined Council Countryside, StreetScene and Biodiversity staff who worked to improve local biodiversity for nature and surrounding communities by newly creating 27.5 hectares of enhanced land.

Currently the total carbon sequestration of the 18 sites is estimated to be 17.05 CO2 tonnes per year, raising to 149.05 CO2 tonnes each year after 20 years when all the trees mature.

Cllr Barry Mellor, Lead Member for Environment and Transport said: “Earth Day on April 22 is all about inspiring global communities to stand up and protect their own environments by simple things such as cutting down on pollution and planting trees to tackle deforestation.

“I have to say after taking part in our woodland creation work early this year I am inspired myself from how our local communities and schools have stood up to help create these new sites that will go some way to helping us tackle the impact of climate change in the county.

“The amazing passion of the children who have helped us plant thousands of trees has been heart-warming and inspiring and I hope this generation will see the results grow strong in their communities.”

“Their support alongside all the volunteers that took part will drive us forward to keep on improving our local biodiversity to stronger support nature and our own community wellbeing into the future.”