May 26, 2024

Welsh Council issues Advice for those using public transport to travel to school

Denbighshire County Council is advising parents and guardians of children travelling on public buses that owing to social distancing and reduced capacity on public transport, those using public bus services may be adversely impacted.

Parents and guardians of children and young people using public transport to travel to school or college are being advised to make alternative arrangements during the first weeks of term.

The Council is currently working with bus companies to ensure that extra buses are provided to increase capacity where possible.

Cllr Brian Jones the Council’s Lead Member for Waste, Transport and the Environment, said: “Owing to reduced capacity on public transport to ensure social distancing, wherever possible we are putting on extra services for school and college learners, and we are working to ensure they can travel to school safely, which is of paramount importance.

“We understand this is a very difficult time for parents and we want to assure them that we are working to make sure the return to school runs as smoothly as possible.

“However, owing to a number of pressures associated with Covid-19, we are asking parents who are able to transport their children to school or college to do so for the first two weeks of term or, where possible, to encourage the use of active travel.

“Those parents who can transport their children to school or college are asked to walk where possible or to park further away from school to avoid congestion.

“Parents of all pupils aged over 11 using school buses or public transport to get to school are also reminded they need to wear a face covering while using buses, coaches and where appropriate taxis.”

Some schools are also using staggered times which will impact transport to and from school and parents are being advised to check with their school.

Timetables for public bus services have also been impacted by Covid-19 and parents should check their local provider for the most up to date information.