July 25, 2024

Welsh Honey producer Hilltop launches exciting new energy gel accredited by Improved Sport

Honey is the perfect energy superfuel and is the key ingredient in a brand new, all-natural energy gel from Welsh producer, Hilltop.

New to the market, Hilltop Energy is accredited by improved Sport and contains only three ingredients: honey, sodium plus natural flavourings creating three tasty varieties original, strawberry and blueberry.

Providing 22g of carbs in a convenient on-the-go 30g sachet Hilltop Energy offers more carbohydrates gram-for-gram than competitors. Crucially, the gels do not rely on synthetic ingredients and therefore gives a natural boost to any exercise.

The Superfuel energy gel is the latest product from the Hilltop brand, which is based at a 14,000 sq ft facility in Newtown, Mid-Wales. Community is at the heart of everything the business does, from sponsoring the local football team to donating 25% of sales of its Adopt a Bee initiative to the Honeypot Charity.

As a business, Hilltop feels it has a responsibility to safeguard the future for everyone; the planet, humans and bees. It does this through carefully selected suppliers, sourcing fully traceable honey and sustainable packaging and maintaining zero food waste production at Hilltop HQ.

Hilltop Energy is working with Dr Jamie Pugh of Liverpool John Moores University, in a unique long term study to compare the benefits of taking a natural product for energy vs a man made. The study has involved analysing blood and breath samples from people who have taken a variety of gels to compare how it’s absorbed by the body before, during and after exercise.

“Honey has a unique carbohydrate composition of natural sugars and antioxidants, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and amino acids,” says Dr Pugh.

“It is the perfect natural energy source and has everything the body needs to support an effective workout and is ideal for recovering muscles. We look forward to seeing the results of the study to compare how the body absorbs a natural boost compared to a synthetic. The latter is likely to include ingredients such as maltodextrin which can spike blood sugar and lead to weight gain.”

Scott Davies, founder and managing director of Hilltop, said: “As a sport lover and former rugby player, I’ve had the idea of a natural energy gel for a number of years. I hate to think of putting products in my system that have a long list of unpronounceable ingredients.

“The development of Hilltop Energy was a long time in development as gaining backing was important to us and we are proud to be accredited by Informed Sport. Hilltop Energy is a real pocket-sized powerhouse for any workout.”

Jack Davies, head of Hilltop Energy, has a Masters in Strength and Conditioning and has coached professional triathletes and athletes, said: “Energy Gels can be used by anyone taking part in prolonged bouts of exercise, who need to replace their depleted energy stores. There are many products on the market but all have an ingredient list packed full of synthetic ingredients. Our energy gel uses nature’s energy to create a powerful punch.”

The Hilltop Energy Gel is £16.99 for 12 x 30g sachets on https://hilltop-energy.com/