There are many different reasons why you might need to use storage at one time or another in your life and correctly packing boxes is a big part of having a pleasant experience when you do. If you know how to go about packing the boxes for storage to avoid breakages and save space in your storage unit, you’ll save yourself a lot of time, effort, and money. Here are a few quick tips for packing boxes for storage.

Choose Your Boxes Carefully

To make sure that your boxes are going to protect their contents you want to make sure of a few things. For this reason, you don’t want to just use any box you can find, but rather you want to buy boxes made for storage. Make sure you don’t use boxes that are too flimsy without proper structure and avoid boxes that are too big and thus will be very heavy when they’re full. You should, where possible, also try and keep to one size of box to make for easy and compact stacking. When you use storage services like Stored Away, you’re paying for the volume of what you’re storing after all, so you’ll want to be as compact as possible.

Clean Everything Before Packing

As you fill your boxes with your belongings, wipe them down and give them a good clean as you do. Make sure they’re free from any moisture, dust and dirt. It’s not only a good reason to give everything a proper clean, but the smallest amount of moisture can be unpleasant to deal with down the line. Plus, it means when you come to unpack everything to use it again, it will all be spotless and ready for use.

Use the Original Packaging

Particularly for electronics like your television or kitchen appliances like your food processor, if you still have the boxes they came in, you should use them. They’ll be the perfect shape and size and the inner packaging will protect them from wear and breakage while they’re left in storage. It will also keep all the relevant accessories together in one place, so you don’t end up without your television’s remote control when you unpack again.

Make a Box-by-Box Inventory

Every time you put an item into a box, no matter how small it might be, add it to an inventory of that box. Each box should be labelled and linked to your box-by-box inventory for later reference. This is a good way to check that everything is there when you unpack, but if you’ve ever stored anything, you’ll know that if you need something from your storage, going to find it later if you don’t know which box it’s in can be almost impossible. Being able to just look it up on an inventory and open the correct box the first time will save you more than the time it takes to make the inventory. Better yet, use an app!

You’ll notice that it doesn’t take a lot of extra effort to save yourself headaches later down the line when you’re packing your boxes for storage.