Keeping Employees Cool Despite the Increasing Temperatures

Suffering through the recent heat wave is only the beginning. Climate change brings with it wide variations in temperature. As an employer, it can be a problem. The heat can be dangerous to your staff, especially when you are not prepared for it. With the increasing potential of future heat waves, you should be taking steps to protect your employees. Here are some valuable tips.


Have hydration stations

The first thing to do is provide your employees with ways to hydrate. Being able to drink water is an effective way to handle the heat. For one, water is a natural coolant. A cool glass of water can go a long way to lowering a person’s body temperature. Additionally, heat can cause dehydration. Without nearby water sources, your employees will feel its effects like headaches and lower performance. Invest in water coolers so your employees can always quench their thirst.


Cool them down properly

Besides providing employees with water, a helpful way to protect them from the high temperature is to provide proper cooling. If your people work in a building, office air conditioning should greatly help. Ensure that it is working correctly and at its best so the outside heat won’t be able to affect them. Unfortunately, not all workplaces can have air conditioning. The alternative is to provide better ventilation for your workers. Get some fans and open windows, so you allow air to circulate and cool down the place. If your workers have to work outside, you should provide them with enough shade so that they can shelter when necessary.


Reschedule work

Depending on your industry, it might be time to reschedule some work. It gets hot when the sun is high in the sky. Your workers can avoid that heat by not being at work at that time. If possible, you can reschedule their work hours at night; a practise that some companies already take. While it is still hot at night, it is usually not as hot as during the day. Some industries work well at night. For example, night construction can mean no people are passing by, and the sun is not there to fry your worker’s heads. Of course, you will have to invest in lighting, but the convenience can be worth it.


Allow for alternate work conditions

Another option for your employees is alternate working conditions. For example, you can allow for more breaks. Working in strenuous jobs heats a body faster. Frequent breaks can help cool people down, so they don’t pass out. You might also allow for work-from-home in some positions. It will enable them to be as comfortable as possible while retaining productivity. That option also removes the responsibility from your shoulders.


Final thoughts

High temperatures can be very distracting. People can’t correctly work if they are sweaty and uncomfortable. There is also the potential for a heat stroke. The high temperatures of the heatwave have severe effects on your workers. Please take note of the tips above to protect them better.