July 13, 2024

An LGBTQ+ timeline for Denbighshire was launched at Rhyl library on June 28th, showcasing historic LGBTQ+ events that have happened within the county.

Starting in the 1600’s, the timeline depicts a baseline of highlighted moments from history, and features each century up until 2023. These include historic legislation, important figures, and pieces of art and prose that were important to many movements.

At the launch at Rhyl Library, Norena Shopland gave a talk about the project and Lowri Jones, from Denbighshire Archives, entertained with her portrayal of Mary Carryl, the loyal servant and friend of the Ladies of Llangollen.

In 2021 the Welsh Government commissioned training in LGBTQ+ Language and History for local museums, libraries and archives to encourage the celebration of local stories of sexual orientation and gender identity. An outcome of the LGBTQ+ Language and History training is the construction of timelines for each of the 22 counties of Wales. This provides a means by which local people, allies and events can be celebrated.

Councillor Julie Matthews, Lead Member for Corporate Strategy, Policy and Equalities said:

“I am delighted to see the launch of the LGBTQ+ timeline, which not only contributes towards our rich history but also clearly demonstrates the Council’s commitment to equality across Denbighshire”.

The Timeline is now live on the Library website and will be an ongoing project, so people can get in touch if they have information they would like to contribute through emailing [email protected].