May 21, 2024

Denbighshire Micro-providers providing over 1000 hours a week in care

The Micro-provider initiative, run by Denbighshire County Council, now has over 50 businesses operating within Denbighshire. These businesses provide care and support to older and disabled people in their own homes, supporting them to live their lives in ways that suit them.


There are now 56 Micro-provider businesses within Denbighshire, who provide around 1,096 hours of care and support to over 245 residents each week.


These businesses help citizens in a number of different ways, including helping with meals, shopping, trips out, practical help around the house, DIY, personal care, cleaning, dog walking, companionship, and more.


The Micro-provider initiative is a free development programme, which supports residents to set up their own Micro-provider service in their local communities. The initiative allows people to become self-employed, working days and hours that suit them. It also means that these businesses are helping local people in their community.


Nick Hughes, Deputy Team Manager, Edge of Care Team said:


“Providing over 1000 hours a week of support to help people live in their own homes for longer, is an amazing achievement by all the micro-providers.


The personalised support they offer is proving to be invaluable support to people across Denbighshire.”


Ann Lloyd, Head of Adult Social Care & Homelessness Service said:


“The Micro-provider initiative is going from strength to strength, providing care and support to many residents within Denbighshire.


Micro-providers throughout Denbighshire offer people with a range of important and valuable care and support services within their own community.”


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