July 25, 2024
Geotechnical logging

A PIONEER of geophysical and geotechnical logging technologies worked on a major rail safety project on the South Coast.

Robertson Geo Operating Services – which has sites in the US, North Wales, and Asia – was contracted to conduct geo-logging on boreholes drilled as part of the investigation into the re-alignment of the Parsons Tunnel to Teignmouth line in Devon.

In 2020, Network Rail carried out a consultation process on its proposals to realign the railway to make room for corrective measures to stabilise the cliffs along that 1.8km section of the track.

Work is ongoing, and Robertson Geo is pleased to have been involved in helping to find a solution to the problem.

A spokesperson added: “The railway travels along a famously picturesque route along the South Coast, with sheer sedimentary cliffs on one side, and the open ocean on the other.

“This project aims to improve this infrastructure by re-aligning the tracks and ultimately creating more space on the coastline, which will allow for the installation of rockfall protection, increasing beach retention and providing amenities for the public, such as walking and cycling routes.”

They added: “Our televiewers were deployed to increase their geological dataset where core sample recovery was impeded.

“Understanding groundwater conditions by running the NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resistivity) was also a priority, as with electrical measurements from the Focused Electric and Electric Log probes.

“Other tools used included the 3-Arm Caliper, Triple Sonic, and the Temperature/Conductivity probe, which provided important data on issues such as saltwater incursion into these coastal aquifers.”

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