May 22, 2024

As a pub owner, you’ll know that attracting regular business is crucial for success – and that bringing in the locals and giving them a reason to keep coming back has always been the backbone of the business model.

But whether you’re new to the industry or just looking at ways to get more customers through the doors, it’s worth considering opportunities to create some new regulars. Here are some of the things you’ll want to bear in mind when trying to encourage those nearby to visit your business.

Why aim for the locals?

Customers who are local to your pub are traditionally more likely to return – it’s convenient, after all. This loyalty means that you can expect to serve some familiar faces. As much as that helps your bottom line, of course, having the locals come in for a pint can also create a sense of community. If it is a place where people feel comfortable, a pub can become a defining part of the area.

But there are some steps to take and things to tick off if you want to bring people from the community to your bar stools.

Consider local laws

Before diving into marketing strategies, you’ll need to make sure that your pub complies with local laws and regulations. A neighbourhood may have its own unique restrictions in place – perhaps, rules around noise after certain times – so it’s crucial to adapt your offerings accordingly. By taking the time to do this, you create a safe and compliant space.

Make sure you’re familiar with licensing requirements and make a note of when any inspections are due so that you can ensure you’re up to speed. It’s common for establishments to consider dedicated pub insurance, which many find provides extra peace of mind.

Online presence

While traditional marketing such as leaflets and posters can be helpful, today many people find out about local businesses and events online. It’s therefore important that you tailor your marketing efforts to your target audience’s age group and use social media relevant to those people to connect with them.

Join groups for local businesses on Facebook, update and promote your pub’s website, and highlight your services and events visually through the likes of Instagram. Engage with your audience through regular posts, share behind-the-scenes glimpses and encourage customers to leave reviews by shouting out the great ones.

It’s also worth tapping into the latest viral trends to get extra traction. If you spot something that you think matches the vibe of your business, try it out – successful efforts can pay big dividends.

Host event nights

The pub quiz is a mainstay of many venues and for good reason – people will make an effort to attend an excellent quiz night. Nothing beats the allure of a lively event when it comes to drawing in customers – especially if it’s on their doorsteps – so, beyond quizzes, consider booking local bands and musicians or hosting a charity fundraiser.

Deals on drinks, food and snacks are also major draws for many and, if these are combined with an event, they can be potent for both attraction and retention of customers.

Follow the calendar

There are plenty of seasonal events in the calendar that can be great opportunities for your business. Plan special promotions and themed nights around holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, decorate your pub and consider offering exclusive deals tied to these occasions.

The universal appeal of these events often sees people looking to do something to mark the occasion, so provide that outlet for those nearby.Top of Form